Friday, April 15, 2005

Bearghan pic

This is a bear comfortghan I made for the grandson of a friend who lost his older brother in a school bus accident. These are made for children that have had something tragic happen in ther short lives.

I have two more in progress plus a few Operation Purple Heart Comfortghans. One of the purple/white ones is finished and a red/white/blue one just needs an ourside border to be finished. I will post these pics as I finish them. These colors are just so pretty.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

1 down, 6 - 7 more to go

I have enought squares sent to me by people that were sending them in bulk that I needed extras to make up the afghsn I am assembling for Operation Purple Heart(Heartmade Blessings). I am edging each square, joining them together, bordering the afghan and weaving in the ends. I just finished one purple and white one last night and am now working on a red, white, and blue one. I have one more PW one to finish, three RWB after this one to finish, two bear afghans that we make for small children, ten to twenty totes (for the afghans), one banked afghan (one needed in an emergency), and then I can go back to knitting my socks or working on my poncho.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Linda's Lists

This is my first blog. It is going to be an off-shoot from my main website:

I am always working on my knitting and crocheting. I am going to college full time for my BS in Business Administration while searching for a new job. I also have many other hobbies which I will discuss such as:
Rubber Stamping
Polymer Clay
and so much more. This will become an extension of myself.

I also have a charity that is on going:

We make and collect slippers to give to children in December.

I also work with Heartmade Blessings. We create afghans for people who have gone through something tragic in their lives. We created them for 9/11, teh sniper attacks and military deaths besides peole that are dealing with life threatening diseases. If you would like to know more try: