Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oops - Owwie Leg

Been sitting her on the computer and could not figure out why my leg hurt. Just figured I bumped it when I tipped over the evil tree-bush. Decided to look at my leg and apparently I gouged my leg too. Thank goodness for neosporin and dinosaur band aids for the grand kids. I now have a pretty hand and leg. At least they are on the left side so I can still knit and crochet-HA! I'm not much of an outside person but someone has to do it.

I have a Christmas Plan

I have decided what I am giving for Christmas, at least for the females on the list, maybe even a Grandson or two. I found a pattern for the cutest felted teeny tiny totes:

I plan on making a BUNCH of these and fill them according to the person. One granddaughter will get finger puppets, the other will get pretties and a new DS game. I need to make one first but I am hoping that a DS will fit in it . If so I have wool Camo yarn for the grandsons to make one with boy stuff and maybe a game. For the ladies at work they will get a notepad, postits, and a few Hershey Minis. For my daughter and mother they "might" get small dishcloths, scrubbies, scrunchies for my daughter and sugar-free candies fro my mother. Haven't decided what I am doing for my son yet but I have a few ideas. I know he will also want dishcloths and scrubbies for his dishes. You become a father mother when you are a single father raising your kids on your own.

As soon as I have a few photos I will post them. I have already dug through my stash and have it all over my sofa.

Owwie Hand

Decided to go outside and trim the bush that thinks it is a tree that is growing on the side of my driveway (cracked the concrete - now that is determination). I do this every year until I can come up with a way to kill it outright and pull from the ground. It is an ash tree that grows like weeds around here. I used my branch cutter and only fell over the top once due to increased enthusiasm at seeing it gone. Didn't realize until I finally stopped to inspect the pile of branches that I had cut open the back of my hand. Shook the blood off, cheered at the pile of branches and came inside to wash,disinfect and bandage my hand so I can start knitting and crocheting for Christmas - Sounds like a plan.