Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mitten and hat set

This is one set of hat and mittens I knitted this year for Christmas using the self patterning yarns. I did another set that used red, white, pink and bits of black to make a set for my youngest granddaughter, Pandora. This set went to her cousin, Damien(both 4 years old). These colors are more like a set of crayons. Brody, Pandora's older brother (7 years old), asked if he can have a hat and mittens. I asked what colors he wanted and waited for the response of wanting blue and red spider webs (big Spider man fan). He said he wanted red mittens and a blue hat. I was so happy to have such a simple request that I already have the hat on the needles and will cast on for the mittens tomorrow. Don't you just love it when they ask you to make something for them and know it is because they want the item(s) instead of making something and wondering if they have ever wore it? Mariah got a set of hat and mittens too but I think my daughter misplaced them so I gave Mariah 4 pair of gloves with her Christmas gifts so she will always have a pair, even if they don't match. After seeing Pandora's socks today I know that kids tend to just pick out what fits and not what goes together. White sock with red hearts and a yellow sock with a bunny on it.