Saturday, November 12, 2005

Magic Scarf

I'm working on creating a magic scarf. I saw a photo the other day and had to make my own. Here is what I am doing incase you want to knit along.

I am using a very large size circular needle. I think it is a size 15 and the needle length is only about 20" max. I am using one strand of Red Heart Gemstone (greens and purples- Super saver size) and one strand of Bernat Eyelash White held together. I have 2 skeins of the eye lash to use on this.

I have cast on 36 stitches and am working in knit around in a circular piece. I am going to work until I have run out of both skeins of the eyelash yarn. When done I will post the bind off method I learned and will tell how to make it magic so it can gbe used as a scarf, a cowl hood, etc. So far I am almost finished with my first skein of eye lash yarn and ready to add on the other. My sample swatch I practiced on workied out great so I can't wait to finish and pull to create this magic scarf.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!!

I am chugging along on all of my Christmas gift projects and I am almost finished. I crocheted matching ponchos for my daughter in law(Aurora) and granddaughter(Pandora). I made a stadium blanket for my daughter(Mandy). A sweater, and socks for my other granddaughter(Mariah), superman socks for my grandson(Brody), thinking Harry Potter items for my other grandson(Justin), and reknitting a baclava(spelling?) for my son (Walter). The Blaclava is a sort of form fitting ski mask used by soldiers. He works at an oil refinery that gets cold in winter. The first one I did would fit an elephant-LOL. After all that time I was going to fix it with a needle and thread. Then decided thatI would never be able to handle seeing him wear it that way so I reluctantly frogged the entire thing and am doing it AGAIN on size 6 needles instead of 8's like before. I am also knitting him some socks in Chicago Bears colors since he faithfully watches this team play. The toes and heels are orange with a white stripe and the body is a soft navy color.

Walter, his children and my nephew (Billy) that just returned from the army are coming over today to help put up my Christmas lights. This way I don't have to try to do it when the snow is flying. As soon as I get a chance I will post pics of my finished and in the works projects.