Saturday, January 28, 2006

Breaking All The Rules Hat - finished

I finished my hat and have started on another smaller version to fit a child. My hat uses 90 sts but could have used 80 instead for a better fit. The one for a child's head is 60 sts. When you start the decreasing you use k8, k2 tog and continue in the pattern. This is a great way to use up extra little balls of yarn. I plan on making a bunch for my charity, Steven's Comfy Toes. A scarf can be done the same way by just casting on 20 - 25 sts and knitting back and forth on the rows until the desired length is done. You can see the pattern (pdf) on the following page: Breaking All The Rules Hat. I plan on doing some with the I-Cord top knot, a tassel or a pom pom.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Spiderman Afghan

My Grandson, Brody, enjoyed the Superman socks I knitted him and the Spiderman slippers my Mother made him the year before for Christmas, but he mentioned that Spiderman has "WEBS" on him. That's when I realized he noticed the lack in both projects. I started his present for next year to make up for it. He is getting a Spiderman Afghan. I am using Red Heart Hot Red and True Blue to make squares using the 12" Dream Catcher square from Heartmade Blessings. Each square has a dream catcher, which is a spider web, in the center. I am making half the squares in red and the other half in blue. This way he will have an afghan that Spiderman would use. I have the red squares finished and need to get my blue yarn to do the blue. I did all 6 red squares using one Super Saver skein. Then I will get a shade of darker blue to join and edge them. I think he will like this afghan. Maybe that's what I will do for them all. Good thing I'm starting now.

I'm also working on a felted knitting bag I saw on the Berroco website this month. I have a bunch of odd skeins of 100% wool yarn from my mother and am grafting them together at odd points to make my own varigated yarn for this project. I've decided that I love felting and can't wait to see how it will work out. My booga bag turned out wonderful and I can't wait to make more. I felted my older grandson, Justin, a belt holder for his gameboy. Felted really nice and fits perfectly.

I'll try to post pics as I can.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year Projects

Well, I finished everything I had planned to make for Christmas gifts before Christmas. I had to start in August to do it though. I made socks for almost all of my family. My son got socks in Chicago bears colors. His son Brody received Superman socks. the others received socks but these two pair were in special colors and patterns. Brody asked early on for colors of Superman to go with his Spiderman slippers my mother knitted for him last year. Of course he now wants Spiderman ones with the webs knitted in. A new thing to learn. I learned to knit and crochet balaclava's this last year and made one for my son and one for my Step-father. I knit and crocheted socks, sweaters, mittens, hats, scarves, dishclothes, ponchos, squares, wooden hanger covers and so much more. The sad part is that I was in such a hurry to get everything wrapped that I forgot to take photos of my creations to post. This time I am going to get some pics taken first while I remember and am starting early this year, in January. I have so far crocheted a 12" square (Chris Simon's Cygnus ) that will be put with others for afghans, a knitted Edgar scarf that looks like diamonds using red heart circus print, and a knitted Quaker Ribbed Bottom Hat .
I'm hoping to post more pics of what I have done and the link to the pattern if possible.