Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crochet Acronyms

Ok. I realize I did not make these up but I had to post these. I received them in an email and had a ball reading them. Some I use and others I do not.

Crochet Acronyms


AA = Annie's Attic
ACADD = Adult Crochet Attention Deficit Disorder
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
AFH = Afghan From H*ll
AS = Acquisition Syndrome
ASN = American School of Needlework
ATM = At The Moment


BC = Back Channel
BF = Boy/Best Friend
BHG = Better Homes and Gardens
BTW = By The Way


CGOA = Crochet Guild Of America
CL = Crochet List (See also Crochet Musings)
CLADD = Crochet Listers Attention Deficit Disorder
CM = Crochet Musing Website
CN = Crochet Network Website
CP = Crochet Partners Website
CREMA = Computer Reading E-Mail Acquisition
CTH = Crochet Tolerant Husband
CYL = Catch You Later


DD = Dear Daughter/Dad
DF = Dear Father/Friend
DGF = Dear Grandfather
DH = Dear Husband
Darling Husband
D(word of your choice) Husband
DIL = Daughter-In- Law
DM = Dear Mother
DOLLX = Doll Exchange
DS = Dear Son/Sister
DW = Dear Wife


FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

FIL = Father-In-Law
Frog Stitch = To take out stitches (eg: rip it, rip it, rip it)
FUFO = Finished Un-Finished Object
FFUFO = Framed Finished Un-Finished Object
FWIW = For What it's Worth
FYI = For Your Information


GF = Girl Friend


HAR = Hardanger (subject identification in header)
HAS = Hook Aquisition Syndrome
HOWB = House of White Birches
HPI = Holes Per Inch (plastic canvas reference)
HSX = Holiday Square or Holiday Themed Square Exchange
HTH = Hope That Helps
HWHN = Husband Who Hardly Notices


IAE = In Any Event
IMHO = In My Humble/Honest Opinion
IMNSHO = In My Not So Humble/Honest Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
IOW = In Other Words
IRC = Internet Relay Chat
ISO = In Search Of
ISRN = I'll Stop Rambling Now
ITD = In The Dark


JMHO = Just My Humble/Honest Opinion
JOMRS = Just One More Round Syndrome
JX = Jewelry Exchange


KM = K-Mart


LA = Leisure Arts
LFL = Leaflets For Less (Leisure Arts leaflet club)
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
LYS = Local Yarn Store


MAM = Mile-A-Minute (Afghan/Strips)
MAS = Magazine Acquisition Syndrome
MIL = Mother-In-Law


NP = Needlepoint
NRN = No Reply Necessary
NTBFUFO = Never To Be Finished Un-Finished Object


OL = Out Of Luck
OT = Off Topic
OTOH = On The Other Hand


PAS = Pattern Acquisition Syndrome
PCA = Pattern Collectors Anonymous
PIGS = Projects In Grocery Sacks (Materials bought but not yet started.)
PMS = Procure More Stuff
PUFFY = Envelope/Package you recieve through exchanges which includes items from other exchangers and is puffy.


RACK = Random Acts Of Crochet Kindness
RH = Red Heart (Yarn Brand) RDFC = Running, Duck For Cover
ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My A** Off
ROFLWTIME = Rolling On Floor Laughing With Tears In My Eyes
RSN = Real Soon Now
RTN = Read The Manual
RTFAQ = Read The Facts


SEX = Stash Expansion Expedition
SIG = Signature
SIL = Sister/Son-In- Law
SITD = Still In The Dark
SIGHTINGS = Anything that is see or heard about our craft on television, movies or on the street
SO = Significant Other
SS = Simply Soft (Yarn Brand)


TAS = Thread Acquisition Syndrome
TBDOOTD = To Be Done One Of These Days
THUD = The Usual Disclaimer (Not affilliated with the company mentioned)
TIA = Thanks In Advance
TIFN = That's It For Now
TTFN = Ta Ta For Now
TTYL = Talk To You Later


UDO = Un-Designed Objects
UFO = Un-Finished Objects
UPGS = Un-Finished Project Guilt Syndrome
URB = Un-Read Books
USO = Un-Started Objects


WCS = Wip Completion Speed
WIP = Work In Progress
WIM = Work In Mind
WM = Wal-Mart


XAS = Exchange Acquisition Syndrome
XS = Cross-Stitch


YAS = Yarn Acquisition Syndrome
YMMV = Your/Yarn Mileage May Vary

Now that you know these you can finally understand the secret langualge of crocheters. HA!