Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A use for those triangular priority mail boxes

I get and receive at work the long, thin triangular boxes that I receive and ship employment law posters in. Carefully open the end so that you can re-close it. Then cut it in half width wise.

When you have 6 half sections put them together with duct tape to look like a lemon cane of clay or a citrus slice (for non- clayers) . Then cover the outside with a nice contact paper and you now have a compartment with six separate sections to store items in. I have one for yarn skeins I am currently using and and another for my 1 pound bricks of clay. You could do the same thing by alternating them with the point up, then the point down on the next and create a sort of shelf. Hold them together with the duct tape and then cover with the contact paper. I have one covered with a wood look contact paper. I can put tools in sections, my baggies of cane ends that are potential Natasha beads or my rollers.

I think that they need to update my posters now so I can have more boxes (legally) to cut up since you are not to get the boxes just for this reason. I just like a way to reuse them and not just throw them away, what a waste. I want to do one with the boxes cut into halves and then halves again the same way to make smaller sections. Then I can make a tool holder that stands up and holds my sculpting tools. Just cover the ends of the pieces that have open ends with a piece of cardboard since it will be covered with the contact paper anyway.

I have one down the hall that I can post but I am on a lunch break between training classes for work so I will post the photo later.

Here is the photo of the one I did before. I used masking tape and disney babies contact paper (allI had a the time). You can see my yarn in the openings.