Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weight Changes for the better

On my birthday this year (March 17, 2007) I weighed myself and saw that I was 285 pounds and needed to jump from my current pant size (26) to the next (28). That along with a photo I took of myself that showed a big body and a tiny head looked like a bad mirror reflection at a carnival side show. I then decided that changes HAD to be made. I started by changing my eatting habits and only eatting until I began to feel full and not beyond that. Eatting was something I was very good at. I started eatting more protien and less carbs (pasta and bread). This helped me to jump start the change, but was hard to sustain. I then decided to join Weight Watcher's online and exercise.
My exercise started to be 2 laps around the parking lot at work each day M - F. Then it changed to walking 3 miles every lunch hour which took the entire lunch hour and had to be changed when I ended up with blood blisters on my feet one day. Probably too much for my feet with this weight on them. I tried Tae Bo but the instructor was a little too fast for me at this stage. I ended up breaking out my set of old Richard Simmon's Sweating to the Oldies tapes 1 - 3. I now workout with them 1 hour every morning M-F and mow the lawn for one of the weekend days (big yard). I might go back to walking after it cools down and I have lost a little more weight.

My eatting had changed. With weight watchers I can eat a variety of foods and see where I stand for the day or even the week. I log in my weight every Saturday morning and can check my progress.

I weighed in yesterday and now weigh 243 pounds and falling. I have gone down 1 pant size to a 24 and have bought a few pair of jeans for when I reach size 22 as my 24's are beginning to feel too confortable-LOL. I have lost inches everywhere too. Two areas I am trying to focus on right now are my abs as I feel that I have an apron there with the hang. I also am working on my triceps to reduce the drag with my set of Grandma wings (grandkids named them). The crunches and curls are helping though.

As I continue on this voyage I will post my results, set backs and challenges. I might even post a few recipes. Now on to mow the lawn ~=o}