Sunday, August 12, 2007

Almost half way there!

Well I weighed in yesterday and I am down to 232 pounds. Can't get enough vegetables, water, and exercise. I love vegetable soup but it can be a challenge to cook for one or two. I was using the 3 sweating with the oldies tapes (Richard Simmons) but wore #3 out. Had to splice it back together which is just not the same so I started using a set of DVD's and weights called "The Firm". The Billy Blanks group that does Tae Bo does these. They are fun already and my granddaughter loves to just sit and watch them. (She relates everyone to a character in the Bratz movie).

I am in a size 20 now which is a big change from a size 28.

Well this bears fan is happy today. We won the first pre-season game yesterday. These games are more like watching a group of boys playing football during PE. If they win OK, if they lose OK. It was nice to see them win, even if it doesn't count.

I have finally finished and felted my knitted potholder, crocheted potholder, and crocheted Christmas stocking. They turned out great. Now to get the pattern typed up and the final pics taken. I did remember to take a before picture too so you can see the before measurements compared to the after.

I have a pattern for a felted bowler and a beautiful variegated/ombre hand dyed yarn to use. Can't wait to get started.