Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christmas Yarn

I was in an organizing/cleaning mood today and went through several rooms. In the room my grandkids call the toy room I found 2 bags of yarn, opened them and there was my Christmas Yarn from last year. Some of it used to belong to my daughter-in-law before she passed away last year. Look at this festive yarn. There are some with gold threads and some with silver threads. Some are red, some are green, some are red and green. Some are an off white. One is black with a silver thread that looks like new years. The circle is a piece Aurora made so I don't have a pattern to make more. I am so happy to find this yarn. Now to knit and crochet away. YAHOO!!!!
I'm going to try making some knitted ornaments. I plan on knitting them in the round with double pointed needles but they can also be done with singles going back and forth. I plan on knitting a rectangle (if using single pointed needles) or a wide tube with double pointed. Then gather the bottom, stuff and gather the top. If they look pretty enough I might make a bunch. I can even get some gathered lace and put on the top for a ruffle and put a small tassel on the bottom. Hmmmm.......
Just for reference I will be using size 6 needles. When I have a few done I will post a few pics.

If anyone knows the pattern for the poinsettia circle shown in the photo I would be incredibly happy if you can point the way.