Monday, November 12, 2007

Steven's Comfy Toes 2007 Donations so far

Yahoo! I totalled the donations we have received for this year so far. Drum roll please x x x x x x x x x x x:
130 pair of slippers/socks/booties
44 hats
19 pair of mittens/gloves
5 scarves
4 hat/bootee sets

I have a few pair of mittens almost finished. I also have several hats on my needles and hooks that are almost finished. Might get some scarves started as we only have 5 so far. Scarves are nice to put with the hats.

Steven's Comfy Toes has been going since 1999. The first few years we only donated to the Head Start Program. We then realized that there are children in need that are not in the Head Start Program so we branched out into the community and gave ourselves a name. If you go to my website you can read the story of the name and my younger brother, whom this charity in named after. We collect these donations year round and give them out in December, just when it begins to get cold here. It's sad to see a child waiting at a bus stop with just a coat on and no hat or mittens, or to know that a child has a cold because they have no slippers to keep their feet warm when it gets cold at home. If you or your group wants to know more or wants to help here is the URL for our website: