Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day 2 - MD Olympic Knitting Scarf

Well, here is Day 2 on my multidirectional scarf. I am working on day three right now. I figure that each day I will do 1 or more triangles and see how many I have done at the end or when I run out of yarn since I have 2 super saver skeins to use. I have never gotten further than the first 2 triangles so I am now going into uncharted territory (for me). I did have a bit of a damper and would be further but I smashed my middle finger on my left hand Friday twice (long story).

If you are queasy you won't want to read further.

I finally had to relieve the pressure since the nail was deep red and the area around was swelling and turning dark red. I had to use a needle to rough up the spot I was to poke the hole. I have a jeweler's drill that is hand held with very tiny bits. I put this off until today (coward) and the pain was to the point that I wanted it done. I just held the drill and turned it back and forth a little, not around. I just wanted to break the surface. The pressure was such that the surface was broke and sprayed before I hit anything that hurt. Boy does my finger feel better. It is also a better color, though I will loose the entire nail in a week or two. I just didn't want anything to snag on my yarn and really hurt. At least it isn't a finger I really need to knit or crochet with. It just makes it fun to type with.