Friday, February 24, 2006

Olympic Scarf Finished !!!

I finally finished my multidirectional scarf on Wednesday but my IE was giving me problems until now. I did 10 triangles with 6" of yarn left at the end. After the first 3 triangles the pattern was no longer the challenge. The challenge changed from the pattern to working on this project and ONLY on this project for two weeks. I always have a minimum of 4 - 5 projects going on at one time and work on all of them almost every night. It was difficult to work on this project alone. By the end I was glad to have it done and didn't enjoy it as much as if I had time to work on it and other projects at the same time. Right now I have socks on the needles, an afghan on the circular and planning on working on a baggy sweater just posted to Lion Brand Yarn website in crochet. I have a mint green yarn I want to use and need to see if I have enough.